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Band Members

Jeremy McKinnon

Lead Vocals

Kevin Skaff

Lead Guitar

Neil Westfall




Josh Woodard



Alex Shelnutt



A Day To Remember consists of five members. The members are as following: Jeremy McKinnon (Vocals), Kevin Skaff (Guitar), Neil Westfall (Guitar), Josh Woodard (bass), and Alex Shelnutt (Drums). However, there are former band members that have left the band. Tom Denney was their original guitar player, but left to start a family and focus on his recording studio. Although, he still remains in part of the writing process, and will occasionally perform with the band. Kevin Skaff is his official replacement. They also had two former drummers, which are rarely ever heard about. The band formed in 2003, and are still together to this day. They began getting more noticed with the release of their third album “Homesick.” However, they have released two other albums entitled “ For Those Who Have Heart,” and “And Their Name Was Treason.” Their debut album, which is “And Their Name Was Treason,” also featured their original drummer Bobby Scruggs. Because of this, it was re-released with some additional drumming from their present drummer Alex Shelnutt. The re-release version is entitled “Old Record.” They also have released a Christmas single entitled “Right Where You Want Me To Be.” It, however, is not featured on an album. They are also one of the most well known bands of their genre.